Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tent, RV or Travel Trailor?

Packing a tent? Rv? or a Travel Trailor? Is this your start, or are you just going too buggout and make do with what you find when you get there. Just something to ponder. Personaly, I like my used, beat up old travel trailor. Not much vested, so if lost, no big deal. Room, warm, dry, and makes a great staging area for further things. Even though I have materials and skills for improvised shelter, the travel trailor still makes for an easy, early out. Just looks like a weekend camping trip with the dogs.

Your choice of vehicle and why?

So what's your prefered vehicle? And why? Is it dependable, and are parts easily accessible in the event of repair? Can you perform your own repairs and if not, are you working on that issue? What about EMPs? Will it survive and electronic attack?

What's in your Bug Out Bag?

Personally I have two bags. A Bug Out Bag and a Bug In Bag. First is the Bug Out Bag.